CJ YAG-524 (Subsurface Engraving
  • Laser medium: Xe-lamp Yag rod
  • Engraving range: 300x200x80(mm)
  • Engraving speed: 400 dots/second
  • Laser head: 1 Cooling Way: water cooling
  • Dimension: 780x660x1215(mm) Weight: 203


 Detail >>CJ YAG-524 Feature:
  • CJ YAG-524 large-scale rapid 3D laser subsurface engraving system utilize both mobile scanner and movable 3D work-table to accelerate laser engraving speed and enlarge engraving range. With different working theory, this machine can exert the whole ability of the laser power, which cause its engraving speed can reach the utmost of the laser power. It adopts advance scanner technology and high precision servo work table, can both accelerate engraving speed and improve precision, with excellent definition, these classic craftwork can simply become valuable art collections.

    This machine can subsurface engrave single or several 3D human protraits with high definition, which ensures there will be a huge demand for the laser subsurface engraving machine.

CJ YAG-524 Laser Subsurface Engraving Machine
Engraving time(558)8 minutes
Engraving time(keychain)2.5 minutes
Laser mediumXe-lamp and Yag rod
Medium originChina
Engraving speed(dots/min)18000-24000
Scanner origin----
Working wayX-Y-Z
Laser wave length532nm (green laser)
Continuous>12 hours
Power consumption1KW / hour
LifecycleReplace lamp per 3 months
Relative humidity<75%
Training time7 days

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