1.Pre-heating & adjustable post-heating and cooling fan that satisfy with stable image

2.Automatic heads cleaning system & automatic maintenance station satisfy with excellent experience.

3.Unityary drtve rooller & gears drive for media feeding satisfy with high precision.

4.Automatic media feeding & take-up system

5.Professional RIP software (photo print or maintop) for vivid color.

Crystaljet FB3350
modelOrasign W-jet 1804x
Print technology(colors XAAR382/35pl print head(nozzle:4*382 4
Resolution 360X180dpi,360x360DPI,360X540dpi,360X720dpi,720X540dpi,720X720dpi
PrintingQualityPhoto Effection
Max.print width 1840mm
Max.media width1860mm
Ink Solvent Ink:C,M,Y,K
Ink-supplyAuto ink supply by electric pump,volume of main ink tank 1000ml/color
media.Flex,vinyl,window film,polyester,etc
media feeding(Roll medi or sheet media )bigger than A4  or 210 mm wide
media processingAutomedia feeding and take-up system
Pre-heater & Dry SystemAdjustable Pre-heating ,Adjustable Post-heating Cooling Fan
Print head cleaning ,Automatic cleaning system ,Manual Cleaning system
Print head cleaning Automatic dry-preventing system
interfaceUSB 2.0
print Speed
Draft 77.38 m2/hr (360x180 Dpi ,@ 9.5 KHZ)
  114.03 m2/hr (360x180 Dpi ,@ 14 KHZ)
Standard 38.69 m2/hr (360x360 Dpi ,@ 9.5 KHZ)
  57.01 m2/hr (360x360 Dpi ,@ 14 KHZ)
High Quality 19.34 m2/hr (360x720 Dpi ,@ 9.5 KHZ)
  28.50 m2/hr (360x720 Dpi ,@ 14 KHZ)