Solvent Printer CJ6000

  • Bridge steel girder frame, robust lightweight aluminum body, user-friendly structural design and strong software development background are propelling the new generation of Crystaljet solvent printers to the forefront of the industry.
Deatial >> CJ6000 Feature:
  • Adopting heavy duty steel beams structure for a solid foundation of high resolution and high speed printing.
  • Aluminum body and molding parts ensure a accuracy and stable printing platform.
  • Panasonic 400W AC servo motor ensures printheads carriage moving fast, stable and accurately  and  well stop.
  • The power of medias absorbing can be adjusted, which allows printer adopts varied different kind of medias.
  • The safety of low voltage printhead heating system and second level ink subtank constant temperature system ensure the printer can be worked on varies environment.
  • This model has positive and negative flush function, also has one key flush function which provides easier printheads maintainance and longer life of printheads.
  • The function of single color positive flush reduces ink consumption. Automatic detecting of printhead temperature system will adjust the voltage of printhead automaticly, which avoids printhead blocked.
  • During the printing process, the step and Bi-direction reference data can be adjusted which improves working efficiency.  Wave and linear technology also improves the pass bending problem.
  • With automatical tiling and repeat function , same documents could be printed repeatedly by Ripping once.
  • Automatic media feeding device with memory of each kind of medias, automatically identify which kind of media is using currently. It is easier to operate such device with the control panel in front of the printer.
  • Adopts a alert system of main tank while lacking ink, convenient and safe to exchange ink, avoiding  the lost by ink lacking.
  • Effective ventilation system is a great solution of getting rid of the smell of solvent ink.
  • Optional constant temperature front hot air dry fan system allows printer working under a low temperature and moist environment.
Bridge steel girder frame
1. Printer body features bridge steel girder frame: offers improved stability, durability and robustness.
Bridge steel girder frame
Lightweight aluminum printer body
2. Wide pure aluminum printing platform: ensures precision, durability, support for moe print heads, protects against platform heat damage.
Strictly quality control system
3.Uses high-quality imported spare parts such as Panasonic servo motors, Hiwin rails etc.
Upgrade heating system
4.New pre-heating printing system ensures that print jobs are completed under consistent temperatures.
The user-friendly design
5.Convenient sliding door print cover design: convenient , provides more space for easy maintenance;
Automatic moisturizing system
6.Automatic moisturizing system: keeps print heads clear and protects them while the printer is not in use.
Automatic moisturizing system
7. Excellent PC stand design: facilitates easy operation.
Full automatic flex feeding systems
8. Micro computer control, flex movement could be detected manually or automaticly by infrared.
Model F6304SPT510_35PLS6306SPT510_35PLF6308SPT510_35PL
No of Printheads4PCS6PCS8PCS
Printhead Sequency1×41×62×4
Print speedPrint modeSpeedSpeedSpeed
High speed 240X540 3pass 52m²/hr240X540 3pass 52m²/hr240X540 3pass 104m²/hr
Middle speed240X720 4pass 39m²/hr240X720 4pass 39m²/hr240X720 4pass 78m²/hr
Standard speed360X540 3pass 36m²/hr360X540 3pass 36m²/hr360X540 3pass 72m²/hr
InkInk TypeSolvent ink
ModelF6304SPT510_60PL S6306SPT1020_35PL
No of Printheads4PCS6PCS
Printhead Sequency1×41×6
Print speedPrint modeSpeedSpeed
High speed 240X360 2pass 56m²/hr240X720 2pass 76m²/hr
Middle speed180X540 3pass 49m²/hr360X720 2pass 54m²/hr
Standard speed180X720 4pass 37.4m²/hr240X1080 3pass 50m²/hr
InkInk TypeSolvent ink
Print Width3200mm 125.98inch
Media Width3200mm 126.77inch
MediaFlex,PVC Vinyle,One way vision,Mesh ect
Ink supply systemAuto consistant ink suppy, ink detective, failure notice.
Cleaning method Singel color positive flush(with pressure protection), auto flushing & head moisturing
RIP softwareMaintop( PhotoPrint, UltraPrint optional)
Printing assistant systemAuto feeding systemMedia detective via infrared,memorial flex-feed & take-up system
Heating systemPreheating, middle heating, rear heating
Head heatingLow voltage head consistant-temperature heating(DC24V)
Height of the tray2~5mm Distance to the printing platform, adjustable
Other functionsOne key positive pressure ink supply, adjustable media adsorption device, anti-warp clips,subtank heater,lighting for head cleaning,head protector, level adjustment, heater fan.
Printer infoVoltageAC220V 50/60HZ
PowerPrinting:500W Heating:2500W
Working environmentNormal temperature:22~28℃ Himidity:40%~70%RH
Machine size and weight 5000mm(L)X1020mm(W)X1340mm(H) 400kg±15kg
Shipping size and weight 5200mm(L)X1040mm(W)X1260mm(H) 450kg±15kg

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